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Glitch Cake is a dark electro trip hop duo based in Brooklyn, NY. Kat Tingum + Poyraz Aldemir draw on dance beats, disco pop vocals and glitch art. the band uses projection art to create interactive mind bending live shows.

"If you want to say it was a lie

all the times I held your hand

you pushed me aside

say the magic words I'll disappear

wash your hands of me

you'll never see me again

You don't take my calls anymore

hold my breath and count backwards

waiting for an answer

You don't meet my gaze anymore

but you can't take your own words back

blame it on my actions

If you want to tear me apart

smother me with silence

a slow and quiet violence

the distance between us grows

the surface is cracking

as I hold out for your answer

Tear me apart piece by piece

break up my heart see me bleed

pull at the seams I just need

you to tell me."

from "Beyond the Pale"





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